Don'T Let Anger Drive You That Way

It's a normal day,
but kinda rough,
and it gets worse,
when people start acting tough.
They think they are all that
and you want to ignore
but then they walk up to you
and you can't ignore it no more.

They start making jokes
and having fun
but you become angry
and you come unspun
you start defending yourself
of course who wouldn't
but they take it as a threat
and say that you shouldn't

they say they are right
and you are wrong,
and thats when you become
unhuman like them all
Your hands start to shake
they have done it now!
you ball them into fists
and they will feel pain... POW

You take the first punch
it knocks you back
but you are up again
ready to attack
you punch you fight
it sounds so bad
and then when you are about to win
the anger comes to pass

You get up and run
with them on your tail
and now you fell worthless
your anger you didn't control you failed.
But you turn around
ready for more
but all they say is sorry
and say nothing more

you are astonished
but they aren't done yet
They tell a teacher
and you begin to fret
you get in trouble
you get suspended
and this all could have been avoided
if you hadn't tried to defend

now you sit
with your conselor today
think to yourself
I wish I could take back that day
Now the days have passed
and your back in school
you see them in the hallways
aren't they acting cool

they come up to you
once again
and this time you just took the jokes
instead of trying to defend
They see no fun
and leave you at peace
you feel victorius
and at ease

Now the days
have come and gone
when the time come to fight
will you stand or fall?
This is the story
I tell you today
the moral is simple
don't let anger drive you that way.

by shelbie bozeman

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i know how that feels but after you get back they try to get you in trouble thinking that they can it would be the time to fall or fight another day passes knowing its going to be the same fight to make it different good one though