A Prayer For My Love

Dear God may my love always
have peace of mind and heart.
Please let her know that she is loved,
that she is special.
That she is one of your brightest
and most loving Angels.
Please keep her safe so she may
touch and move many more lives.

Please be with her and let her
know and feel your loving strength.
Let her be confident that she's
a strong woman that has persevered along.
Please bless her with the best of health,
let her experience a pain free life.
I attest to you she deserves the happiness
more than most on this earth.
I will take all extra burden to
free her from ailments cast on her.
I know that she is strong I just
want her to have a life free from hurt.

Dear God let her know of all your abundant love,
let her know she's never alone.
Assure her that my love is deep and pure,
that I am always there with her.
That my heart is hers and my words are true,
help her to never feel any fear.
Protect her and assure her in our comforting love,
She is the most special Angel I've ever
known and I love her very much.
So dear God please above all else,
watch over her and make sure she always has the best.

by Michael P. McParland

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