I use to feel martyrized.
And sacrificial with a giving of myself,
As a belief.
To be of service to others.
And in the doing...
I cared little if I received.

But saved was I,
From complete stupidity.
When I thought of my deeds,
Becoming more unappreciated.
And that did not dawn on me...
Until someone told me this,
That turned on my 'reality' switch!

'You can not expect people,
To feel as passionate as you do.
Not about that which you assist them with...
Since they see you,
As someone who seeks something to prove.

They 'may' express a fleeting interest.
In what you perceive they value best.
You can not expect them to understand.
Since they believe 'you' are the one,
They extend the helping hand! '


'Even though you exhaust yourself,
Sharing your 'gifts' and abilities.
You are they one they are 'patiently' accomodating.
And if what they do does not thoroughly please you,
They will get upset.
Abandon you and leave! '

I see!
Guess what?
They don't have to bother to do that at all!

I will!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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