MN (17 May,1937 / Obetiti Nguru Nigeria)

Don'T Mellow Down

Don't mellow down
Shrug them off.

Live in your madness.
Wear your signature frown
that we may live in your fondness
for the bastion of the clown

They say your veins would burst
from deadly hypertension
but we will turn to dust
from evil suffocation
deprived of your breath of life

We are counting on your courage
seeking freedom from bondage
to vanishing pursuits of earthly power
that we may flower
in your sterling fibre

Live for us
Collapse and die
if you must

We your children
will be there with you
in your heroic matyrdom
riding on your back
to your heavenly sack

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Comments (3)

whoa! ! sir did u say u are still learning..? this is a wonderful do write very well sir....will be back for more
This write makes me want to be a father to a son that could write this exact piece. You make me proud on the behalf of every father I have not yet become. Great write.
full of energy and spirits! loved this right through to the bones.....