Don'T Mind The Bottom

It feels good
When you're on the top.
On top is all that means.
But at the bottom
Or in bewteen
Or even on the top
You've got gifts
And talents
Talents that this world
Has never even seen.

You have room to build
And you've got room to grow.
Its always good to push
To gently push yourself harder
Beyond your own expectancies.
For there are good things
Plenty of good things
Deeper about you
That only you can know.

Search for them
Reach for them.
Pull them out of a hat.
Your foundation is boundless
I know this as a fact.
Your knowledge has no gravity
As so astrologically proclaimed.
But the profoundness of your talent
Catagorically isn't the same.

A talent so profound
Yet through the human heart
Can be transformed and exposed
Don't let life steal this from you
Go ahead make your start.
The depths of your talents
Is a place that runs deeper than that
A place where your heart
Haven't even begin to scratch.

There is a never ending production
Of the person you are inside.
Whose talents builds
Builds and paves roads
A provision for others to ride.
Make your mark again
From the depths of your soul
For when you hit this atmosphere
I know you broke the mold.

Thrust your lifes perspectives
It will change some's point of view.
But never mind their judgements
They really don't know you.
Forget each day the struggles
Its just a small effort
A small effort for you
For when you present your talents
Its you whose shining through.

by Cecelia Weir

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