Don'T Need That Kind Of Man

Poem By Joi Till

hey baby i dont need man that treat me the way you do
you act like you bout to hit me
Now i dnt play that do you

well let me tell you the first will be the last
i am a black chick who will beat your ass

I will go madea on you
i will not run away i will fight back
I am a chick whos not afraid to hit back

i am beautiful smart and elegant
but all that can change in a matter of seconds
i wont be back dnt worry bout that

Comments about Don'T Need That Kind Of Man

OOOOOOOOO S**t! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I LOVE DIS! GO HEAD GRL! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! dnt let nobody push u round! ! kik his aaaaaaaaaasssssssss! ! ! ! ! ! U lettin him kno! !

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