SNT (4/10/93 / new york)

Don'T Promise

Please, do not promise me anything,
do not promise me you'll never leave,
don't you swear we'll be together forever,
please, don't play those games with me,
because forever can be till tomorrow,
forever can end today,
and even if you promise me,
i'll have a feeling you'll leave someday...

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Comments (5)

Nice poem. Most of the time it is true.
Short but feeling this....u got skills definetly one of ma favorites
This is so true...most of the time. I really like how your poetry touches me...o wow that sounds wrong, but i really like your poetry keep up the good work
i really like this poem, Promisise mean nothing sometimes.
sad... yet wicked asowm! totly true. makes me think of what i did to my ex...