Don't Rain On My Parade

Very few have been known to succeed,
Without motivation, incentive...
Or initiative that drives desire.
Too many young and impulsive believe,
Their dreams to wish overnight...
Should appear gift wrapped,
And magically delivered.
After their mobile devices,
Have been re-energized.

'Hi baby.
What's going on? '

-I wish you would stop,
Calling me that.
I'm old enough to find,
The right website.
That shows me which steps to take,
To create my own restaurant.
And then to start a franchise.-

'That's wonderful.
And all this time,
You showed no interest in cooking.'

-How difficult can it be?
Take some stuff out of the 'frig'.
Put it in a pot.
Put that pot on the stove to heat.
Throw it on some plates.
And then make people pay to eat it.-

And expeditiously done too!
Until you find,
Something else that's quicker to do.
I can't wait to see the menu.'

-Always! Always!
You bring up the dishes.
I'm gonna wash 'em.
Just because,
You didn't have these opportunities.
Don't rain on my parade.-

'You kids.
All of your minds have been ruined.'

Don't attempt to take mine to do it.
Like some folks I hear,
Talking about purpose.
And work ethics.
That stuff today has played out.
By the time I'm thirty,
I might just retire.-

'Why not at 25? '

-There you go.
Trying to make my dreams and wishes,
All about you.
Don't worry.
I'm going to buy you,
All new appliances.-

'Make the the first one,
A reliable dishwasher.'

-That's almost funny.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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