CR (20 January 1965 / Malaysia)

Don’t Read My Poems, Please

don’t read my poems, please
for I never write one to be read
in reading the essence is made substance
in feeling the substance is made essence.

poetry is for soul
just as books for mind
I arranged a bouquet of words
in a tiny string, invisible
to tell the world
of another world within me,
that yearn in pain
that whine in pleasure.
I tell you of a world indescribable by writings
so I make garlands of words
throughout the seasons I arrange them
some apart, some together

when the soul desire to speak
the mind refuse to understand,
so locking the mind awhile
the soul engross itself in this
and a poetry garland
I made for you to feel.

©2006 cyclopseven. All rights reserved.

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Comments (3)

Hi, it's beautiful. I did not read it but i did feel it.
I won't read your poems, but I'll revel in the wonder of your garlands.
Okay, I didn't read it...