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Don'T Read! !
GD (1st September 1959 / Edinburgh)

Don'T Read! !

Poem By Gordon David

Don't ever hesitate, you'll only get lost
Don't do this, when you want to do that
Don't help me, I can help myself
Don't eat an apple, the Dr. is always away
Don't smell the coffee, when you can stay in bed
Don't act like a fool, just play it cool
Don't humour me, it's not very funny
Don't believe in a God, just believe in yourself
Don't fall in love, until you can love yourself
Don't commit a crime, if you can't do the time
Don't always be good, but do be careful
Don’t be a beggar, when you can be a chooser
Don’t play the game, it all ends in tears
Don’t persevere when it’s time to give up
Don’t get a dog, and bark yourself
Don't go and get drunk, you'll never forget
Don't be like me, just be YOURSELF
Don’t try to walk before you can crawl
Don’t think for me, think for yourself
Don’t laugh at me, I’m not your fool
Don’t say “yes” when you mean NO
Don’t say “no” when you mean YES
Don't try to be fair, in love, or in war
Don't keep on being nasty, when it's easier to be nice
Don't attempt to read me, I'm not a book

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Comments (2)

Excellent write Gordon...all the things we should do but don't half the time...well written....10++
I like your title... its like your telling poeple not to read it even though you want them to read it... irony... Becca