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Don'T Run Away

don't run away,
from the things you can't handle.
rekindle the flame,
on this burnt out candle.
don't run away,
because then your just like them.
the ones who hide,
from secret gems.
your one in your own,
one day you'll grow old.
in you don't run away from them,
then you'll have a hand to hold.
you make a mold in life,
on everyone you meet.
nobody can reshape it,
nobody but you and me.
nobody can replace you,
because nobody else fits.
your one in your own,
unique little misfit.
you won't be forgotten,
its close to impossible.
you'll either haunt the person or warm their heart,
right down to the cockles.
so don't be afraid,
of being left alone,
and don't run away,
if you're looking for someone to hold.
don't run away from your fears,
because if they're not faced,
how you could you ever conquer them?
would you live with them for the rest of your days?
don't run away.
I've always been here,
for forever and a day.
I've waited,
for you to come back.
but every time,
you turned left again.
so don't run away,
I've got something to say.
I love you,
and i want you to stay.
so come on,
own up,
face your fears and problems,
before they erupt.
I'm here when you need me,
you'll always be my baby.

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Im definetely favoriting this poem, so much passion, so many memories. it was an amazing write