Don'T Rush Through The Process

If I did not deliver to you my best each time...
What would be the point?
To show to you I can do this isn't easy.
To show to you I can do this,
Has not added hours to my sleep.
I have a need to prove to you,
I am dedicated.
I am loyal.
I am...
Are you listening to me?

I know you love me.
But making these errors...
I don't find acceptable.
Take your time.
Don't rush through the process.
I'm not going anywhere.'

That's what I am saying.
See how ungrateful you are?

'I am not ungrateful at all.
If you are calling 'this' your best...
I know you can deliver something far better!

IF you had said,
You were making attempts to produce your best...
I would not object at all.
In fact,
I would have thought of all of it as great.
And both of us would have been getting more rest!
But your confession that you can do better...
Has me wanting to get it as good as you can give it! '

I said nothing about doing or getting it better.

'You' didn't.
I did! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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