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Don'T Say A Word
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Don'T Say A Word

Alex, hold your tongue,
You'll cause more trouble than its worth,
Draging this out for longer than it has to,
Thats not what you want is it?
No, of course not.
Let them know you don't care,
Show them they're not worth it,
And that you know it.
Don't involve yourself in the secrets, lies, their unnecessary predicament.
Just leave them squirm in their own shit.
You've given them this, now its enough.
Besides you knew this would happen,
Why wouldn't it? They're both as dumb as each other.
Of course it would.
You're only irritated because you want them to know you don't care,
And in time they will realise that you don't.
Be patient.

Free yourself.

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Rudyard Kipling


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Firstly David, Alex is a 'she'. Secondly, whether you liked it or not, it must have made an impression for you to write an essay about it...so either way i'm happy.