Don'T Say My Name

Poem By Triauna Hall

I've always loved my name
But when people say it, I feel the pain
And now things will never be the same
What's going on? Is there something wrong?
I don't know. It's been happening so long
Don't think I enjoy it. I never do
It's scary and sad but it's the truth
You want to know what happens. I can tell you right now
Once I hear my name, my heart begins to pound
It gets so loud, it becomes the only sound
When did it start? I really have no clue
I wouldn't know, that's why I'm asking you
What is it? And why is it there?
I need answers but no one cares
They think I'm lying and brush it off
But when thing get hard, my reaction isn't soft
It doesn't matter. I got me, myself, and I
And I rely on myself as long as I'm alive
Never mind that, what is up with me?
I might figure it out, just wait and see
But I want to know because I'm getting scared
Is there anyone around? Who's willing to share?
Oh well. I guess. I'm alright. I'm good
Imma leave things the same. The way they should
Maybe I was too serious and it's really nothing
But I can't be when it's really something
Who cares anyways, it's nothing to me
Naw. I'm lying. Imma let things be
I can take it but I hate it. I hate the pain
But there will be none if you'd stop calling my name.

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