BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Don’t Slip Away

Men slip away, being made of dust; slip away from the rest of us.
Slip away from the Body of Christ, right back into their former life.
All teaching seems to be in vain, when in Truth they don’t remain.
But if embraced with all their heart, they will remain from the start.

Simple head belief for many friend, shall come to a slippery end.
As winds of doctrine tend to sway, minds of believers every day.
Some may fall completely away, others may come back to stay.
Once you truly believe in Christ, you my friend will be His for life.

God my friend is greater than all, from His hand, no man can fall.
And Christ let us understand, no one can pluck us from His hand.
But you can walk away from Him, if you are mastered by your sin.
But if you are truly Born Again, you won’t leave His side my friend.

If you’re a believer and you stray, Jesus will help you find your way,
Right back to the Savior’s side, through The Spirit who lives inside.
Christ will not lose any my friend; He’s always with them to the end.
Superintending from His Throne, Christ will see us all safety home.

Christ will guide you from within, as He guards your heart from sin,
Friend, you can have assurance too, for our Lord also died for you.
And the moment that you believe, The Holy Spirit you shall receive.
So today take Christ into your heart, and from you He won’t depart.

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Hey Bob, I went to a swim meet last Monday and there was this one bizarre race where all the contestants dressed up like Jesus. They all lined up on the starting blocks, and when the gun went off, they all dove in wearing their togas and fake beards and sandals and everything. You probably think I found it terribly funny, right Bob? Nope, you’re wrong. I did not approve of it. It was completely inappropriate. The togas were a drag in the water and inevitably some of the beards came off and they left little bits of hair in the pool. It was a mess. I never found out why they did it. I sure hope the devil slaps around whoever was responsible. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget the image of that line of phony Jesuses doing the backstroke.