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Don'T Speak
JMB (February 13,1990 / Sydney)

Don'T Speak

Please don’t say you love me,
If you really don’t care.
Please don’t say that you need me,
When there are no feelings there.
Don’t say that you love me,
Just so I will stay.
I refuse to fall for it again,
Not again, not today.
Don’t say we can be together,
Don’t day we can’t be apart.
Why are you doing this to me?
Why lie and break my heart?
You watch me as I fall apart,
Day after day still by you side.
Why must you keep me locked away?
If you do not want me, why do I hide?
There are several reasons behind this poem,
So many things I have to say.
One; in case you tell me you love me...
I know you want something from me today.

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