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Don''T Surrender Your Power

Don''t surrender your power to others your personal power is your own
Some people look up to their gurus but some gurus they have been known
For to take advantage of their admirers though gurus quite good overall
Some of them do become corrupted and from grace they have been known to fall.

Do not surrender your power to others for that gives them power over you
One can only stay true to self only and to your own self remain true
Be willing for to help out others and if you give then you can take
If you treat all others as equals a new friend each day you will make.

Do not surrender your power to others if you bow to your queen or king
You are paying homage to class distinction and that is not such a good thing
Since they too were born from a woman and before they walked they too did crawl
Are they that superior that you should bow to them and in so doing make yourself small.

Do not surrender your power to others but give everybody their due
And treat everyone as your equal and happiness only pursue
And others for that will respect you and your praises feel happy to sing
And they will say such a good person and he or she does their own thing.

by Francis Duggan

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