Don't Take Life For Granted

Poem By Anthony Loudin

The things half of us need
are the things half of us take for granted,
The ones who have to work for it
& the ones who get it handed,
Some of us live in a one floor
& some of us live in a mansion,
Some of us can pay for it with one check
& some need a advancement,
But who really thinks of the kids without a plate of food
or a roof over their head,
The ones without clean water
& don't even have a bed,
If one of them was in our shoes
for a single day
They'd feel like they had the world
& not one word to say,
My point is your life could always be worse
so appreciate what you have,
They doesn't have the half of what is keeping you sad
& they go to sleep happy,
from just the grasp of a laugh.

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