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Don'T Talk To Me Of Johnny Howard

Don't talk to me of Johnny Howard of him I do not wish to hear
My feelings on that fellow to you I already have made clear
It is not to discuss politics or politicians that ever bring me here
But to unwind and relax and enjoy a cold beer.

Don't worry about Johnny Howard he is not worrying about you
About the working class or working kind that bloke doesn't give a chew
The upper middle to the wealthy class are all he cares about
Don't worry about politics enjoy your glass of stout.

Don't talk to me of politics politicians I don't trust
The rich get rich the poor get poor do you feel that is just?
Don't talk to me of Johnny Howard the bloke he has had eight years
To rid this Land of poverty yet he only preys upon our fears

Your Coalition Government only talk of war on terrorism and border security
And favour the rich at the expense of the poor and jail every boat refugee
In this underpopulated Land of plenty there should not be poverty
Go waste your precious vote on Howard but of him don't talk to me.

Don't talk to me of politics and least of all John Howard
You can judge the people so they say by the one they have empowered
And if the Government we've got is our only hope then that for us says it all
Our dreams for this great Country to say the least seem small.

Don't talk to me of politics I wish to drink in peace
I came in here for to relax and from cares to find release
Politicians retire on huge pensions they are of the privileged few
And they do not waste their energy on thinking of me and you.

by Francis Duggan

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