Don't Test Me

I would rather see proof,
Of your growth process in action.
Than to be asked repeatedly,
If I remember your mistakes made.
To have forgiven them to forget.

Why keep me reminded.
Of something you did to tell me,
Over and over again...
That I am the one who can not let go,
Of what had happened between us.

I 'had' forgiven you.
What else you want me to say or do?

It is you who leaves me to wonder,
If there is more you did to have done.
It is you who leaves me to perceive,
My forgiveness given...
You can not believe.

Don't test me!
Or take my forgiveness for granted.
Don't test me to see,
If I will allow you to walk all over me.
You will pay the price for that deed.
Don't test me to see if I still have abilities,
To teach a lesson or two.
I do.

Don't test me or my patience.
Just show me the proof,
The price to pay for that kind of 'schooling'...
Is unnecessary for you and me too.

I would rather see proof of your growth.
Know that's all I want from you.
But don't test to upset me.
To leave any forgiveness to you given,
Taken back to forget...
Those tests in the past you had passed.

Don't test me.
I am in no mood to teach.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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