Don’t Think That I Will Die Without You

Don’t think that I will die without you or stay all nights without a sleep or counting the stars
If this is your thought, you are crazy and need to fallback your mind
If my heart do not obey me, I will take it out and throw it away and live without it
I am not a love slave or prisoner, I am free, I won myself, I am not low

by Mohammed AlBalushi Click to read full poem

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If the world be in storm, the west meet the east, I will be precious and i will live my head up high, never down. love can't be bartered away as it is not simpel is pure feeling ffromwith..very good write and touchy....10 read mine......anywhere....butterflies around...mary to marry
A nice poem unveiling a strong and determined person.
Nice writes and you even built up your self-esteem, a vey positive kind of attitude.
'and i will live my head up high, never down.' Nice line of this cute poem.10++
determination is wot defeats stagnation.. live grow.. be great
This is a reflection of a tender personality that harbours heaps of dignity. Keep on writing, Mohammed. Aziz