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Don’t Touch Me
AJ ( / New York)

Don’t Touch Me

Don’t touch me, looking at you makes me sick
Don’t touch me! Your eyes make me remember
how much you disgust me! Don’t touch me!
Your name brings back the past and how
much I find you repulsive! Don’t touch me!

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When you touch me... when your hand run on my body... I feel so loved... so.. excited... so.. loving.... so.. happy that you been on me.. with a hot desires for you... feel your body touching mine and mine touching you, came as one... no one knows if are they a two... Your heat enters to all my pores.. heat me and make me ready for you.. heat me more, and come touch me... and let your essence becomes mine. by: hazem02@yahoo.com By hazem02
Sad but very truthful...... :)