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Don'T Turn Around

Pushed into unconciousness
delivered from your smile,
I wait hear in fear of a lonely dream.

You wimper the word goodbye
as you slowly stagger away.
One tear rolling down your cheek,
screaming of your love.

But the hair pins did not stay in
and everything falls apart,
ripping into shreds,
the illusion you laid out.

Oh, but yes, the dangers sinking in now
as the pin drops to the floor
breaking the deafening silence.

Penetrating the skin of your secret,
the light digs in deep,
erasing all the evidence you once had.

You feel the presence of another
enveloping you in sorrow.
Just don't turn around.
Things will be ok,
just don't turn around.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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