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Don'T Wake The Children
TLH (July 05,1990 / Leander, Texas)

Don'T Wake The Children

Poem By Timothy Lee Hollandsworth Jr.

Alone in his room a young boy weeps.
For outside his solitude rages a war.
Inside his heart a mighty beast continues his sleep.
Alas, what is a mere boy to do he himself can sleep no more.

Anger and pain run through.
He watches the horror.
Alas, what is a mere boy to do?
He has hurt so much he can cry no more.

He runs as he tries to escape.
He doesn't know what to think.
He's torn by love causing hate.
His happy world slowly begins to sink.

It's not safe for him to dream.
As it will surely turn to nightmare.
He listens to the mother scream.
He gives way to the scare.

Take a lesson from the sorrow.
Don't wake the children.
Let them sleep till morning brings tomorrow.
Just don't
Please don't
You musn't
Wake the children.

Because they will remember.

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This is a sad poem but i can relate to this one to.