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Don'T We All Need Help...

I met him for the first time
n he told me that
he is not happy with his life
n is being treated for depression..
I was taken aback
I was wondering what did his
life lack..

He had everything..
a young guy cud ask for...
but he had no answer
what was it that he needed more..

I wondered how this demon attacks
even the young lads...
But I got the answer
when I had to visit the doc
to be cured of the same demon...

It's then when I realised
we never know
what strikes whom n when...
We play different roles at different times
N we all need help...

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Yes; hold out a helping hand...that must be the outlook one should have in life...we never know who would be in need of help when or where...perhaps it could be you or me...good meaningful write Shweta...10
No doubt..we all need help...and thts the thing which make us united...coz we are all linked with eachother in one way or another...we ask our god 4 everything but he sent his slaves on earth 4 help...vey different poem...and quite beautifully written....10++++
yeh we all need that thing called love lovely write shewta anju
No we, all don't need help. If ever we need help it is the help of the God. There is existential depression and there is no cure for it, except to achieve Nirvana........A Good Write...........
shweta no one know its but all know we all need love thats the only cure for depression we all need to spread joy...u cant buy joy thru movie tickets or fancy food otr dresses only by spreading joy around can u get it, .....i realised it after spending lacs on my luxuries and u are realising it as well cheers to the realisation Shiva Bless You Om Namah Shivay