Don’t Weep For Me

Please don’t mourn as I depart, for that is when my life will start.
No longer will I be facing death, I’ll be breathing Heaven’s breath.
Please don’t weep, don’t weep for me, I’ll be at home in Eternity.
I had actually died in Christ, down on earth when I had my life.
Life on this earth began for me, a pilgrim’s journey into Eternity.

When on earth I am no more, I will be in Heaven forevermore.
Finally with my Savior who died, to live for eternity by His side.
This earthly life is temporal friend, with a beginning and an end.
However, my death is not my end, for that is when I shall ascend,
To a majestic place above the sky, to reign with my Lord on high.

Unlike this earthly life my friend, a life in Heaven will have no end.
It begins for me a whole new life, spent forever with Jesus Christ.
My mortal body racked with pain, becomes immortal so I can reign,
And reign forever by Christ’s side, in a new body that’ll be glorified.
Friend, in just a moment I will change, never again to be the same.

When I ascend through that sky, Christ will indeed wipe every eye.
Friend there is no need to fear, for Christ will indeed dry every tear.
Death for me is life you see, so please my friend, don’t weep for me.
So when I die don’t mourn for me, for I will begin my life in eternity.
Just be certain you know The Lord, and I will see you again for sure.

by Bob Gotti

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So Bob, what does one do all day in eternity? Do you just walk around all day in loose-fitting togas? Is your soul in some kind of infite spiritual rush? I confess that would be pretty cool. At first. But it would probably get old after awhile. So... are there activities? Like, do folks sit at a card table on some chintzy fold-out chairs playing poker? If so, do you get an eternal supply of chips? Personally, I'd like to opt out of the Bingo games, you know, and step outside for a smoke. Do they have TVs in eternity? If so, is it commercial free or does the lord come on every once in awhile and congratulate you for betting the right way?