Don’t Worry, His Ways Are Noteworthy

Be happy in what you have done;
Be happy that God is your friend;
Care not for the things you had won,
Life is not the same for all men.

What has happened is now the past;
Things which we now cannot recast;
Lets do the best in our present;
Hoping God makes future pleasant.

O judge us Lord with a kind heart;
Disheartened as we are poor men;
Had we then been what we are now;
We needn’t have to sinfully bow.

Sinners, we are, yet love Thee God;
Take us to thy heaven’s Abode;
We long to rest in your sweet home!
Wherefrom perennial love comes.

In Life, you don’t feel too guilty;
God knows our human frailty;
Don’t worry, your life was worthy;
God’s ways are strangely noteworthy.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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