Don'T You Have Something Else To Do?

I'll pretend I am curious.
Why are you peering over your fence,
With binoculars?
It is obvious what you are doing.
And those neighbors have moved.

'You don't know everything.
I happen to be observing,
The activities of rare squirrels.
Grey in color and munching on pine nuts.
I am not looking at 'that' house at all.

I see.
Would they happen to be sitting,
Eating dinner...
In the living room of our other neighbors,
Living across the street...
Who invited their friends over?
Because those 'rare' squirrels,
Should be eating their nuts in the trees.
Shouldn't they?

'They just ran behind that house.
Don't you have something else to do?
Besides spy on me.
Someone's getting a divorce.'

Since you're into reading lips.
What else are those 'squirrels' discussing?

'You need to learn how to mind your own business.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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