Where Are Today's Political Poets And Pro-Fishing Activist At?

There are many poems to match with the titles in my head.
Years of thoughtless madness to edit and rework. In an
honest effort to make sense of my mere existence
while I’m stuck here on this planet Earth. (which is three fourths water)
This is Earth is it not… though some would say Mars…
Ellipsis’s not withstanding… I pause to reflect,
imposing my opinionated relics of political activism
on the colorful and very coy Koi left swimming in my pond
of stagnated beliefs and conjectured hyperboles.
All the endowments and grants of my supporters being ill spent
with my love for embellishments and the like…
I put another excited worm on my hook; fishing for a true Carp
I cast it out next to the other line I've baited with a chunk of cheese
as I reach back into my full creel and release the guilt ridden lemmings
I’ve caught and kept caged in-between’s my A’s and my T’s.

2008 © T Sheridan

by Ted Sheridan

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