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AY (16/11/1988 / Nr London)


Poem By Anon Ymous

When is the world going to rumble and go POW?
I'm over this life, I'm through with it now.
After all of it, this is my final vow,
I am now ready to take my final bow.

I don't care what you say, I am ready for the knife,
I am telling you now, I am over this life.
There is no reason for me to live on,
Everyone would live better if I were just gone.

I really don't care if i was dead,
It would be better than living the life that I dread.
I've been living the way that I was raised,
Which I have learned, is not all the craze.

And so these are my final words,
Then I will be off like a flock of free birds,
This was written for you my boo-baby baby-boo,
I hope this poem makes you think of me, in everything you do.

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