Done 'N' Dusted

i thought i was in love with the one i lusted,
but she messed me up, so its done 'n' dusted,
tellin me lies, professin' her love,
that lyin' so&so will send me above,
or maybe down to Hell where the twisted souls dwell,
all i know is since i met her, i haven't been well,
the person in the mirror is new to me,
got me askin' what the Hell it is you do to me,
don't know myself 'cause i knew nothing of you when we met,
but now i know who you think you are...
it's written on your cigarette.

i didn't even want you, you had these feelings first,
but i foolishly let you in, and that parts the worst,
should've stayed closed 'cause i knew better from the start,
but somethin' told me 'it'll be OK, just listen to your heart',
but you ripped it out 'n' you danced all over it,
and i turned to drugs like always, to Hell with that sober sh*t! !
so i'll sit here smokin' with my only friend -
my green 'n' yellow pen,
if it weren't for that, i'd be alone again.

by lil miss

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hmmmm...well if what u felt was true...then i think its time to introspect....what good does it be with the girl...