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Done Trying.
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Done Trying.

Poem By Kayla Surber

Im done trying..
i hate the lying
broken & confused.
shattered and abused.
i just want 2 feel safe again.
it seems like i'll never win.
Just running away from my problems and mistakes.
Not showing the real me just showing what is fake.

Does it make you happy to break my heart?
Some times it feels like its all going to fall apart.
Cant you see?
See how much they have hurt me?
The pain they made me feel.
Sometimes i wished it wasn't real.
Why does your face still appear in my mind?
Why cant i leave all this pain behind?

Im done, im through with all this.
But you know what ill miss?
I miss How good it felt when he took up for me.
And how sweet they used to be.
I miss being a little kid now.
It has all passed me by some how.
I try hard not to cut b/c of my pain.
The only thing that makes it go away is the rain.

You want me to tell you everything...just for my fellings to pour out?
My poems are my feelings.. what do i need to do SHOUT?
Dont force me to do things i dont want to do.
You will never get me to respect you.
People always try to be 'nice'
But there always seems to be a price.
What will it be?
You're just going to hurt me.
You dont have to stab some one to kill.
I cant explain exactly how i feel.
But i'll never forget that one kiss.
It's the best thing i actually miss...

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