TE (December 27,1985 / )

Done With You

It's over, I'm finally done feeling anything for you. Too many times you masked your real identity and fooled my heart and head.

For the first time I thought I found something great and worth giving a shot. Just like your tattoo, you've ripped out my heart and left me to bleed.

You have a niche for telling lies and masking the truth. Truthfully, I hope someone finally catches you and leaves you out to dry. I used to love the person you are; the person I thought you were.

I'm done with the jealousy towards the other girls you parade yourself about. I'm done with the I didn't mean to's, you're the one for me, and the I'm sorry's.

No longer can I feel anything remotely close to wanting to be next to you. Your face hurts my eyes, your words pierce my heart, and the knowledge you have of trying to be the best guy strickens me with sickness.

I'm done with you, I don't even what you around. Keep your distance and lie to someone else. I can't have you damage my spirit, control my heart, and lead me on.

No matter whom I choose to be around and see myself with, it won't be you. The last time I checked I was no longer your pawn; I was done with you.

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