(24 January 1961 / South Africa)


Everything's going well - but where's my feeling
of well-being, why so sleepy, so uncomfortable
in my skin, what's this feeling of malaise - how
to be peaceful & content again and how to be at
ease after these upheavals - to fall asleep while
dreaming of wonderful things, now my mind just
goes blank when I try to focus on an ideal, does
it mean I can no more create an inspired virtual
reality? Well, it shouldn't be a surprise given the

Snowball-effect of eating granola and chocolate
in a mad dash to fill the holes gnawed by worry,
today is a new beginning - new work adventure
waiting: an agreement, a minefield of subtleties
and previous texts with deceptive similarities yet
unexpected difficulties which highlight my lack of
respect for textbook rules and the administrative
acumen of the true government official - so little
wonder no lodestar is calling; can inspiration be

Based on positivist rules which deny any original
word or gesture; thus let the show begin, let the
play of my posing as an assembly-line translator
begin, I'm ready to creep into my donkey-skin…

by Margaret Alice Second

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