ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Dont Ask My Forgiveness

Dont ask for my forgiveness.
Dont say youll wait for it.
Becuase I shall tell you.
This only once.
Youll get my forgiveness
When hell freezes over.
Youll be waiting a long time.
You dont get my forgiveness.
Oh no you dont.
Dont kid yourself.
Are you all there in the head?
Forgiveness I cant give.
I dont offer it to you.
Why should I make you feel better?
To hell with that.
If your feeling guilty
Thats you problem not mine.
You dont deserve forgiveness.
Ask me again
And I'll be waiting with a knife.
For my protection.
Forgive you
Yeah right
Dont make me laugh.
I depise you all.
Forgive you no.
Shove it up your arse.
You thick twatt.

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