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Dont Be A Hero.
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Dont Be A Hero.

You weren't there when i was growing up
you weren't there to kiss me good night like fathers do
dont be a hero to anyone else but me
please dont leave me again
i dont want this bond to quickly end
my feelings are so everywhere
twisting and turning every whichway
afraid that you will go away
think about the things you will miss out on
or what i have to live with from now on
you never heard me utter my first words
or saw me take my first steps
now your leaving again for training than war
but now you have to think about on thing more
what would your daughter do if you died?
she never got to meet her dad
think about her feelings will she be mad or sad?
will she be that little girl
who stays up all night crying?
what can she hold onto if she cant hold onto you?
who will tell boys not to touch her
but i guess your leaving soon
so i guess theres one thing i can say
i need you here
i need you to protect me
do you really have to go
before you ever even met me?

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Poor girl... so you never even met him... dont sound like much of a hero to me... Im sorry, someone told me to keep my opinions to myself ....