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Dont Be Fooled
CH (23 December / New Zealand)

Dont Be Fooled

Poem By Chelsea Hansford

You look right through me,
As though im a pane of glass,
So transparent, you say
But don't be fooled.
You embrace my world,
But you dont see my world,
Its full of colour,
Not as black and white,
As you seem to think.
You entagle me,
In your arms and heart,
Yet you think my heart,
Has never known love.
Don't be fooled.
I have known love in all its
Glorious wonder,
But i have known pain,
And felt it chill that same heart.
You see me as angelic,
Serene in my idyllic world,
But don't be fooled.
For I am a creature of change,
You see what I want you to see,
And in the depths of my soul,
I hide all the secrets,
Of a world you cannot travel in,
Or understand.

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Comments (2)

There is nothing at all 'transparent' about this piece... it's certainly worthy of a good hard look. Well done, Chelsea! ! Brian
Powerful written elocution, young lady...Well done, indeed...Structure is crisp & mellifluous as a penny tossed 'cross an icepond....Liked your metaphoric opening. Solid crafting, Chelsea..Looking forward to visiting your work again. ~ F.j.c.R. ~