Lying Apology

It’s time to apologize, it’s way overdue
Say sorry to my razor carved body and my slashed up mind too
Time to say sorry for the trouble and mistakes I’ve made
This apology appears truthful and very much delayed
I shouldn’t be in this position where I’m saying sorry to me
I shouldn’t have done wrong to begin with, then there’d be no debris!
But I get so confused and muddled which is when I lay on the road
Awaiting a big truck to find me and hit me like a load
So I stand up to my feelings as I empathetically speak
Of how sorry I’m meant to be but of lies my words do reek

by Tess Connor

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Comments (5)

Truthful poem.. i like (Y)
laura i think ur very strange and need siceatric help dearest
Wow - wicked! Really hits home, but kinda 'sadmaking'...
i really love this one. the simplicity of it works really well in this context. blunt, it really gets the point across. i like this percpective..its all..different. WAY2GO. :)
scary but still very interesting