Dont Bleed (Full Song)

Poem By David Wilson

Chorus: Don't Bleed....oh noooo...don't bleed; never leave alone...
No voices no sounds, in a grave, under the ground, no one to listen, no one to care (HERE ALONE, ALL ALONE)
the last thing I will ever say, funny that I'm dead, yet I choose to pray, God help those who I have not, let them continue fighting, after I have fought, let my strength become theirs (MY STRENtGH) let my strength become theirs (MY STRENGTH)
let my strength become theirs (MY STRENGTH) (MY STRENGTH) (MY STRENGTH) Don't Bleed....oh noooo...don� ¢ï¿½ï¿½t bleed, never leave alone...
keep fighting as long as you can, hold on as long as can, breathe hard as long as you can, let your heart beat as long as you can, outlive me, as long you can(LIVE ON, live on, live on)

Why Oh Why must we LIE and claim strength when we need to CRY, need not to DIE but to live, yet refuse the lives we've been GIVEN, beg for more when were LIVIN, we can breathe and WALK, look feel and TALK, yet its enough to outline bodies in CHALK because we need MORE, TEN THOUSAND REASONS TO LIVE FOR, only need one reason to DIE FOR, it makes my heart SORE, when we have so much, but we cant accept that is SO MUCH, we BELIEVE that its so LITTLE, while the reaper plays the death march on his FIDDLE, holds the scythe above your HEAD, offering to grant your wish to be DEAD, the CHOICE to pick friend, follow my VOICE run from the END you've decided for yourself, allow me to MEND the injury you caused for yourself, allow me to TEACH you the value of life, I don't mean to PREACH here, but this world has so much left to GIVE, so please God, I beg you, give her the strength to LIVE


So long to word PLAY, so long to this DAY, say goodbye to all things, say hello to killed dreams, no future, no destiny, for those who are destined to die before me, so I choose not to let them fall, I choose not to let the banshee call, no death is fated or predicted, Death is always caused, chosen one way or another, by the person at the end of the line, influenced by the world around them, listen hard to the voices around them, good and bad, kind and cruel, words of the wise, and words from the fool, what one hears and what one believes can often be two things, I can only hope that what you hear gives you two wings, so that you can you can fly away, from the birds of prey, and so help me God, if I succeed, you will live to see another Day


Another Day, maybe another dollar, who knows who cares? material matters don't help you climb stairs, realize the meaning behind the words, hear what I say, listen carefully, and decipher this word play, hear the simple message I'm trying to send you, this is the one thing that you must do, you must, absolutely CONTINUE, move on with your life, let nothing hold you back, what happens happens, and what's good is good, live life without regrets, and what you'll work for is what you'll get. I refuse to watch the fire of a friend fall into darkness, I refuse to see a fellow lose strength and become lifeless, but it is my goal with this poem to leave you BREATHLESS, stumped, astounded, confounded, by the words I've sounded, I hope that in the end you understand and comprehend, the importance of what you hold in your hands, the reason for releasing the knife, and being relentless, in living out your life


So many dreams, so many possibilities, if you only make the move to seize OPPURTUNITY, stand up every time you fall, continue walking even if you trip, try try try again, because I refuse to watch some one die die die again, without me doing my part to help them live again, even if they look me in the eyes and lie lie lie again, because I'm a friend, and there's no way in hell ill let you become a statistic, another drug addict, another teenage trend

Don't bleed (no don't bleed) Don't Bleed (no don't bleed) Don't Bleed, let it go, move on, don't let one thing hold you down, move on, Don't Leave me here all alone, all alone,


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