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Dont Do This
CS (11 03 91 / Harrah\Oklahoma)

Dont Do This

As I watch and listen I now
understand how all my friends felt
I pray hard for you as I watch
I try to stop u but u wont listen.

please stop it wont help
please don’t let me be the reason
I am sorry
live your life don’t do this

I cry my eyes out when I watch
I keep thinking that I did this to you
that I pushed you
if I never met you
I would never have hurt you.

So please
Don’t waste your life because of me
I am sorry that I hurt you
just don’t do this

you almost died
I am scared to death for you
(bad chose of words o yea this part is not in the poem)
please don’t try it again
I love you so don’t do this
no matter what you are my heart.

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Comments (3)

you do have a warm heart carrie and your poems show it, you have been through a lot, but you keep releasing your inner feelings and putting them into poetry, just keep writing them.
heyy this is what i wish i could see other people feel when i was suicidal i might rewrite this to my own is that okay? ? ? jesi ree
it is real; ilike it