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Dont Even...
TAR (8-8-91 / Fresno California)

Dont Even...

Poem By tHeNameLeSs23drea Andrea Rivera

I told you everything I could

You as always have no answer but this time I thought for sure you would

Why can’t you just say what’s on your mind?

To be at ease is all you’ll find

So tell me now and tell me quick

Why, Faris, why you have to make me so sick

I love you and hate you at the same time…it sucks so bad

I hate the way you make me so sad

I just wish you wouldn’t do me like this

I don’t get it. Why you try to dis me try to dismiss me

I want you to love me for me

Too bad you don’t love anyone other than that person in the mirror you see

I cant be like you my feelings are something I cant just hide

Because all of this I’m losing my mind

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