Dont Give Up

The feeling of wetness coming down the side of your cheek
Eyes are red and puffy
The feeling of what you have been working for awhile
Slammed down
By a little incident that popped up from nowhere
Nobody knows how to feel or what to do
When they see you
Walking down a hallway, a street, or a place of education
The feeling of hope starts to sliver away each day
After you have worked hard to keep everything
As good as gold
All of your dreams are crushed
Like glass falling and breaking on a concrete floor
Still having the feeling of wetness coming down the side of your cheek
Feeling more like little rocket water drops
Are racing down trying to
Find out who will hit the ground quicker
You start to realize that you still have the next day
Then those days can turn into weeks
The weeks turning into months
Before you know it you are doing what you thought
You could never get to before
And you have stopped having those
Little incidents which just popped up from nowhere
Even though you are feeling good now
Your mind still sometimes wonders back to that place
And you can still feel those little liquid drops of water
Falling down the side of your face
Remembering how hard life was back then
And how you just felt like your dreams would never
Come true like in the princess’s books
And now whenever you get stuck all you
Have to say to yourself is; ” if you just keep going
Everything will be all right”

by mackenzie tuck

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