QT (July 23,1989 / Miami, FL)

Dont Judge Me

Yes, people see me for the clothes i wear and tell me that i treat people unfair-
Don't Judge me

People tell me I'm grown because i want to do this and that; they say I'm moving to fast- Don't Judge me

Some tell me they hate me and get mad when i say that's great to me- Don't Judge me

Just because i stay to myself many have assumptions about me- Don't Judge me

Over and over again negativity is brought upon me, they tell me i wont make it to achieve my dreams- Don't Judge me

Grown is what they say that i am, but they're no better than me when their life is incomplete- Don't judge me

I walk with my head up high, when in a bad mood never bother to say hi- don't Judge me

Their life just as bad as mine; dropped out of high school just like stepping on a land mine- Don't Judge me

They bite the hand that feeds them and tell me how i deceive them- Don't Judge me

I was hated for who i am, and hated when giving and i said thank you ma'am- Don't judge me

Now their eyes can see why all the time they judged me for my appearance, not my experience i made it to the top now they're at a pit fall; but you wouldn't guess who i seen on my way to the mall....A ragged person with a card board that says- YOU CAN'T JUDGE EM ALL

by Queen Taz

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a sweet write..meaningful way