Dont Live In The Past

Poem By Arti Chopra

Its not easy to say forgive,
and more difficult to forget,
just when you think its all behind you,
a fresh memory gets you upset,
we carry around all the baggage,
and let it shape our lives,
the hurting thoughts buzz inside your head
like angry bees in a beehive,
but it does no good to remember,
the unhappiness of the the past,
time is racing forward,
and the years are flying fast,
you have to keep telling yourself
what happened had to be,
and now, how you will deal with it,
is what you have to see,
look backwards with forgiveness,
and face the future with abundant hope,
place our trust and faith in God,
and then we will surely cope.
to wipe the slate clean,
of years gone by,
is easier said then done,
but if we try, we surely can erase
past sorrows one by one,
regrets and ifs, help not a soul,
we learn from each mistake,
learn to give, and try to forgive,
be true to yourself for your sake.

Comments about Dont Live In The Past

but if we try, we surely can erase past sorrows one by one, regrets and ifs..... quite a positive outlook all should look forword to.

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