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Dont Prove Me Wrong

I am struggling,
Fighting hard with my heart!
It hurts, Pains, it bleeds
I am lost in this world of love, my love

Feels like I can die. Don't prove me wrong
Let me believe in what I do honey
Don't make me a fool

I am broke cos I lost you,
Let me live with your love
That's the thing I wish to believe
That's the thing I wish to hold back
Hold back as my life forever...forever
Don't prove me wrong

Let my heart stay with you,
Let your words don't kill me
For I have no strength, no more my baby

All that I ask is to trust me,
Trust the fight that I am giving,
Fighting against my fate, fighting against my values,
I know you do the same

The only hope that I have is our love
Don't prove me wrong.

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Comments (4)

toching love.good poem
giving a fight... taking on a fight too... i know as well as you know.... thats the eternal inner turmoil...
Another beauty from you.... this one speaks of a lifetime's struggle.. though that lifetime may be as short as a decade..or maybe even a year.. or two.. *** 10***
We want to live in the world of illusion.So we request our (wellwishers) not to break our heart for it will kill our faith and trust.This is a general human nature.You have expressed your emotions and feelings very powerfully.A lovely poem full of innocence.good job.