Dont Run Mr. Runner

Dont run Mr. runner,
there'll be no place to go..
take time to see the pretty things;
you have to take it slow.

You're running fast,
you didnt see the laughters all along.
I know you hardly noticed
as my heart has played the song.

Dont run away, you'll only see
you'll go back from the start.
No, dont run mr. runner...
coz you're trapped inside my heart.

by Jessel Jane Tevar Toring

Comments (2)

whoa! jess, i reli like ur poems! wheee gawan u nman me ng poem... hehe
Oh what a wonderful poem for the mr runner. If I am the one, I will surely run... not away from you but to touch your heart and be jailed in your arms. I felt from your tender words, you are a lovely pewrson full of passionate charm. thanks and best wishes, melvin