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Dont Tell Me
LH (5.18.89 / Riverdale, Ga)

Dont Tell Me

Don't tell me to stop
When I still want to try
Don't tell me to say what I mean
When I still want to lie

I may not be happy
But your shouldn't pry
Don't tell me the past isn't real
When I remember the feel

Of every whipping and every touch
All leaving me haunted
I remember it all to well
I remember every taste, every smell

I remember my life as a living HELL
Don't tell me it isn't true
Don't make me show you
All the scars and all the pain

How would you like to feel insane
Even for just a moment
I would show you horrors
That would make Satan himself scream in terror
Don't tell me I will be alright

When you, yourself, living the light
When my life is torment and night
Don't tell me that the ain will ease

Don't tell me that I will be okay
When you, yourself, don't know the way
Don't think you know me
When you go by what you see

Don't tell me I am like everyone else
When you, yourself are nothing like me
So, don't pretend you care...
It just isn't fare...


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