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Dont Wanna Be
ME (8-11-93 / illions)

Dont Wanna Be

Poem By Morgan Ederer

i sit in a corner wondering
why i should care
playing with a knife
dancing with death thinking
how hard it is to tell you
how i feel
wndering if you really care
hoping you wount
come here like last time
u did i was in a comma from
life eating ice cream and
hidding my feelings
inside dancing with blades at
night holding
my teddy bear tight thinking
youll never leave
crying hard being called emo
is just the way
i am i dont care to here about
what you think
im the emo one that hides from
everyone else
except the one i love the
most but im the
emo chick with no respect
so i grow up afraid
ro love just like my mother
and we no i dont wanna be
like my father
killing the hidden truth
knowing my parents fait is not
the one i wanna
be apart of hidding from the
world is the best thing
i can do to get away from the
feelings you do not know

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Comments (1)

wow you put alot of thoughts is your writings and i can tell; it is really good u do though. kat