My heart is fluttering, im out of breath
I dont like to admit it but im scared to death;
Im in love, im in love, why is that so hard to say?
What made me fall head over heels anyway?
Is it cause when I think of him, im full of smiles
or if my love for him were a distance it would go on for miles
I feel so safe when I feel his touch
Its so hard to explain, I love him so much!
How can someone handle so many emotions?
Theres so many factors involved, its a big commotion
but when he pulls me aside to just talk to me
I feel as if I were and eagle who has just been set free
I feel so safe when I smell his cologne
I enjoy it so much when we are alone
But the dancing, yes the dancing is the best
If you could just watch us
you could figure out the rest
I found the one man who can make me cry
if he were to stop talking to me I think I would die
I dont want to keep this a secret anymore
the only thing standing in my way now is a stupid whore!
This may seem selfish but I want him all for myself
Its not money but love is how I measure wealth
If only he would love me back
Theres only one thing that makes my life happy
and he's the one thing I lack

by Chase Goody

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i never get tired of reading that one