Doodles Done

It comes gushing with a rush bursting...
Then it stops!
This mental void that annoys,
Like a spinning top on a tip that drops.
It wobbles then flip flops!
Avoiding an ending to its spin.
Doodles done I did,
Even retracing them!
But still those thoughts connecting,
Refuse to come in!
And again I beat out rhythms...
Denting more my trusted pen!
Pounding out a beat,
Hoping words come back again
In a flow of a ceasless streak.
Tap tap tap...
Tap tap tap!
Come on! Give me something!
'Honey Bees on Spring Flowers? '
Too everydayish!
I'm searching for aggravation.
Something agitating that offends!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Your stuff rocks. You're a kick L. T.